Benefits of Installing PVC Gutters

gal_bgut11-880x621As a homeowner, you may think of gutters as the bane of your existence.  However, while they can be difficult to clean and maintain, they are a much needed barrier, protecting your home and yard from damage due to torrents of rain water or snow melt. 

There are many reasons why having a fully functioning gutter is important.  First, too much water seeping into your foundation can cause it to settle and separate from your home.  Therefore, logically, gutters also help to keep your basement dry.  If water were to settle into the foundation, it would create pressure in your basement walls. The pressure results in cracks that water eventually seeps through.  This can cause dangerous black mold in addition to the possibility of flooding.  Next, gutters help both your home and yard stay neater.  If water were to fall directly off the edge of your roof, it would create a great deal of mud around the outside of your home.  This would not only make it difficult to maintain nice gardens, but cause mud to splash up on your siding.  Finally, without a gutter system, water would find its way into any of the cracks in the wooden trim of your home, which would create rotting in the boards from the inside out.

If you are purchasing your first gutter, or replacing the gutter you currently have, you may wish to consider a gutter made from Cellular Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).  This sturdy, and versatile material is gaining popularity due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and the simplicity of its maintenance.  Cellular PVC can be milled in a manner that will give it the much-desired look and feel of natural wood.  This means it is ideal when replacing historic wood gutters.  However, Cellular PVC requires no painting, and has ultraviolet protection that will resist fading over time.  Additionally, because Cellular PVC is water resistant and will not rust, erode, or tarnish, you will find it will last longer and require much less upkeep than typical outdoor items made of wood.