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INTEX Millwork Solutions launches new website for homeowners, architects, builders and dealers.

Millville, NJ (INTEXMILLWORK.COM) February 01, 2013

INTEX Millwork Solutions new website, intexmillwork.dev, provides easier access to INTEX product information. You will also find more photos, interactive elements, and pages dedicated to homeowners, architects, builders and dealers.

“Launching the new website is just the beginning. We want to be a resource for homeowners and industry professionals to provide inspiration, technical information and industry news,” says Joe Umosella, owner of INTEX Millwork Solutions.

In the coming months, INTEX Millwork Solutions new website will also start promoting architects, designers, builders and dealers that use INTEX products.

“For INTEX to be successful, the architects, designers, builders and dealers that use our products also have to be successful. We are going to start several social media campaigns in 2013 to drive traffic not only to the new intexmillwork.dev site but to the websites of our customers as well,” says Kim Tomlin, Marketing Manager of INTEX Millwork Solutions.

In addition to providing publicity for architects, designers, builders and dealers through the new website and social media campaign. INTEX Millwork Solutions will also be collecting photos all through 2013 for the new 2014 catalog. The catalog will give credits to architects, designers and builders. If you will like to be promoted on the website, social media campaigns or catalog, please contact Kim Tomlin at ktomlin@intexmillwork.dev.

About INTEX Millwork Solutions

INTEX Millwork Solutions specializes in the manufacture of high quality, maintenance free architectural millwork products from cellular PVC materials. In addition to their standard product offering, their technical capabilities make them the ‘go-to’ company for those difficult projects that require job specific engineering and design assistance. INTEX’s strength in both traditional workmanship and engineering technology crafts intricately detailed, high-quality millwork for distinctive homes and buildings. Learn more about INTEX Millwork Solutions by visiting https://intexmillwork.wpengine.com