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INTEX Millwork has perfected the art of designing exterior architectural elements that combine old-world charm, and high-tech performance. We work tirelessly to engineer pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, yet durable and easy to install. Starting from CAD designs, we fine tune for manufacturing precision to ensure every piece is perfectly rendered, every time. Not only do we conduct rigorous internal tests, INTEX submits products to third party testing to assure quality and longevity. From complicated historical remodels, to beautiful new constructions, and elaborate renovations, with INTEX Millwork as your partner, you can deliver breathtaking aesthetics as well as long-term performance.


INTEX PVC millwork is not a wood product, therefore it is manufactured without impacting forest resources. 99+% of the PVC dust is recycled with other PVC scrap, leaving virtually no environmental impact. And, because our products are delivered sized to fit and ready to install, no waste is created at the job site.

AIA Continuing Education Course Offerings

Understanding the Benefits of Cellular PVC Rails, Pergolas and Gutters

Credits: 1 Learning Unit

This course will offer a basic understanding of the benefits of specifying cellular PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) railing systems, pergolas and gutters for residential construction projects. These systems in residential and commercial construction and remodeling are both decorative and functional however options have been historically limited to architects. Today these systems can be created using cellular PVC which offers many advantages over traditional materials.

Download the INTEX20150126 Overview

Hand Rail Code Requirements & Design Considerations

Credits: 2 Learning Units

This course will provide the Architect with the details of railing systems code requirements and testing to ensure they meet IRC and IBC Building Codes. Integrating design elements based on materials and span limits into the structure architecture.

Download the INTEX2017HSW Overview

From the beginning of asking what types of products were offered, and even addressing the engineering of the railings and the ability to withstand code-required forces, we were supported each step of the way. That was the difference between INTEX and other manufacturers!
Thomas Dever, President of Dever Architects
Hotel LBI – Dever Architects + INTEX Millwork Solutions

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