About INTEX Millwork Solutions

Born out of a passion for remodeling old homes, INTEX Millwork Solutions is dedicated to preserving the integrity of historical structures while embracing modern materials and techniques. As a family-owned and operated company, INTEX Millwork is committed to providing exceptional products, unmatched customer service, and fast lead times.

From day one, we have understood that for exterior home elements to truly stand the test of time, they need to be built from strong, durable materials. Finding solutions to millwork challenges led INTEX to replicate a historical railing system by milling Cellular PVC boards around Aluminum Reinforcement, providing strength to the overall structure. After the success of that experiment, our Nautilus Railing System was born. INTEX has gone on to create an array of products for builders and architects to use in everything from a backyard re-design to the remodeling of historic architectural elements.

A Trusted Solution, Every Single Time

As a family company, INTEX Millwork is dedicated to exceptional service, fast lead times, and supported installations. With INTEX Millwork, builders and architects have a trusted solution, every single time.

Choosing INTEX as a Partner