INTEX Millwork Solutions Announces The Purchase of Historic Mays Landing Building Arlington, Virginia

INTEX Millwork Solutions Announces The Purchase of Historic Mays Landing Building

General / media release
July 25, 2017

INTEX Millwork Solutions Announces
The Purchase of Historic Mays Landing Building
and Plans for 4th Major Move in 11 Years

INTEX Millwork Solutions is pleased to announce its 4th major move in 11 years of business. The cellular PVC millwork manufacturer will move from its current location at 20 Bogden Boulevard in Millville, NJ to an historic, 51-year-old former glass and bottle factory at 45 Mill Street, Mays Landing, NJ.

The move will increase INTEX’s production floor space from 44,000ft2 to 103,000ft2 with 9,800ft2 of office space and an additional 16,000ft2 storage warehouse. INTEX will host a tenant in approximately 30,000ft2 of the production space for at least two years. The long-anticipated purchase of the 45 Mill Street building occurred on June 9, 2017.

Work has already begun on the 45 Mill Street location, including demolition, landscaping, roofing, metal work, door installation and electrical. The major expansion will include painting the facility’s entire interior and exterior, epoxy flooring, new LED lighting throughout, office renovations, new HVAC throughout, site work improvements to accommodate manufacturing work flow, as well as new equipment including two additional CNC routers for a total of four, and a state of the art 40,000CFM dust collection system. INTEX Millwork Solutions hopes to make the major move to Mays Landing by the end of 2017.

The move to 45 Mill Street will provide the needed capacity to continue growth at INTEX, while at the same time improving quality, efficiency, productivity, and the working environment for current and future employees.

Joe Umosella, INTEX’s President, stated:I’m hoping that the investment we are making clearly displays our passion and commitment to our employees, our customers, and the building material industry. We are in this for the long haul.”

Chip Roach, Relocation Project Manager, commented: “The buildings have been occupied for the last 10 years by various and multiple short-term tenants, ranging from a company warehousing materials for luxury yachts, to a mortgage lending office. While the basic structures are in very good shape, little beyond necessary repairs has been done through that time. We have a lot to do to get everything ready for us to move in, but we are excited to bring life back to an important part of Mays Landing’s history.”

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Joe Umosella, President

Chip Roach, Relocation Project Manager

Shea Kucenski, Marketing Manager