01 January: Columns & Newels

January’s Winners:

  • Sam Wallman
  • Antoinette Roselli
  • Ellen Lapaglia
  • Mathew Breinlinger
  • Albert Mccreery
  • Rich Audet
  • Amanda Umosella
  • John DiMiceli
  • Jan Simpson
  • Stuart Sachs
  • Dan Miles
  • Jason Fish

January – Columns & Newels

Wrapped in stylish designs, newels and columns can do double duty as both vital structural components and dramatic visual elements. Homes adorned with columns and newels convey a feeling of timeless strength and beauty.

  • Choose from standard offerings or create custom shapes and sizes including flat, raised, recessed, fluted, tapered, applied moulding and Craftsman panel styles.
  • Create custom newels and column wraps to meet your design requirements or for historic restoration.
  • INTEX Newels and Column Wraps can be applied around existing structural members or used in stand-alone, non-structural applications, delivering everything needed for a quick, easy and secure installation.
  • Split pedestal base options available for newels and column wraps: plain, 4-side, inline, corner and 3-side.
    Column wraps are available in standard 6, 8, 10 and 12-inch widths and 8, 9, 10 and 12-foot heights complete with mounting brackets, caps, base trim, PVC adhesive and everything needed to finish installation.
  • Make 4” x 4” posts look like 10” x 10” columns, or use column wraps to accent or match other trim components.
  • INTEX Newel and Column Wraps are compatible with INTEX Rail Systems.
  • INTEX Newels and Column Wraps can be painted, allowing for limitless design possibilities.
  • Click here to learn more about our Columns & Newels!

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