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Extruded cellular PVC not milled


Bracket system to hang and float gutter


All seams utilize specialized seals and are tested by independent lab. Expansion and contraction analysis also done by independent lab.


Extrusion process makes our product competitive with the price of fir gutter


Same look as fir without the maintenance

Boston Gutter System

The PVC Boston Gutter System offers the full aesthetic appeal of wood with strength and durability, but it weighs less and has more carrying capacity of a standard wood gutter. PVC is easy to install, with no special tools required. With no painting, no oiling, no worrying, the Boston Gutter System is maintenance-free.

Made of extruded cellular PVC and tested by an independent lab, the Boston Gutter System is competitive in price. Gutters are available in 10 and 20-foot lengths, with a bracket system to hang and float. 90° splice kits for inside and outside corners, 180°splice kits, end cap kits and copper down spout outlet kits are also available.

System Components

Boston Gutter System

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