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Large manufacturers do not offer unique millwork designs, while smaller companies are often untested and invalidated. This leaves builders and architects searching for multiple providers of exterior architectural elements to satisfy discerning homeowners. INTEX Millwork Solutions provides the solution: it offers timeless designs and lasting durability in products that can be standard or highly customized.

By partnering with INTEX Millwork Solutions, builders and architects can deliver on each homeowner’s unique vision for their home. Whether it be a historical remodel, a standard railing, or an elaborate customization with original railings, trims, and mouldings, builders and architects will exceed their customers’ expectations with the quality and inventiveness of INTEX’s exterior architectural products.

As a family company, INTEX Millwork is dedicated to exceptional service, fast lead times, and supported installations. With INTEX Millwork, builders and architects have a trusted solution, every single time.


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Featured Products

Railing Systems

Create a unique look with a choice of railing designs and balusters crafted in square, chamfered or turned designs.

Newels & Column Wraps

Wrapped in stylish INTEX designs, newels and columns can do double duty as both vital structural components and dramatic visual elements.

Pergola Systems

Our unique combination of structural aluminum and pvc allows INTEX pergolas to span wider expanses than the competition.

Custom Millwork

Our custom millwork is produced to precise design specifications, fabricated to order, packaged securely so that product arrives damage free – ready for installation.