Hollow Rafter Tails

With easy installation, you can make your next rafter tail project a show-stopper in no time!


  • Now at a new, lower price
  • Introducing a lightweight tail design
  • Laminated end-detail and a PVC skin on all tail faces eliminates exposed, open cells
  • Available in 9 standard tail patterns
  • Hollow design allows for easy installation with blocking or covering existing rafter tails
  • Beautiful, sharp lines
  • Paintable with a premium acrylic coating that has an LRV rating of 55 or greater
  • Custom rafter tail sizes and patterns are available by request

Standard Tail Styles:

  • Screen-Shot-2018-08-01-at-2.55.38-PM
  • Screen-Shot-2018-08-01-at-2.55.50-PM
  • Screen-Shot-2018-08-01-at-2.55.20-PM
  • Screen-Shot-2018-08-01-at-2.56.08-PM
  • pg56-img_rafters1
  • rafter-tails