Window Systems

A home isn’t finished until it’s dressed in a style all its own. Accentuate your home’s existing architecture by using window surrounds, mouldings and trims. The INTEX Design Team can work with you to create custom designs or to meet historic renovation requirements.

INTEX Window Surrounds can be manufactured to fit any shape or size window. With our large slection of frame, crown and sill options, INTEX surrounds save time and eliminate scrap connected with building surrounds on-site.

  • Surrounds can be ordered fully assembled or as a kit
    for assembly on site.
  • Surrounds are securely packaged and shrinked wrapped to arrive on the job site clean and free of damage.
  • Variety of casing options from standard to custom are available to choose from.
  • Standard and custom pediment crowns are available.
  • Choose optional nailing flange to provide additional flashing and to minimize face nailing.
  • Select from standard or historic sill options with or without apron.
  • Custom shapes are available
  • PVC components can be bent to maintain the historical look of the original design, while eliminating the maintenance.
  • A couple of small accents at a prominent location on your home can give it a totally different look and
    street presence.
  • INTEX offers exact matching of milled mouldings and trim.
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