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Elegant Profile with Modern Characteristics

Our new RS35 Dartmouth Extruded Rail System offers outstanding strength in a range of beautiful, standard designs – available for level and stair rail.
“We chose the INTEX Dartmouth rail system for a recent deck renovation because of the engineered approach which allowed us to meet or exceed the code required guard rail standards. The hidden fasteners were easy to install and the aluminum sub-rail system created a secure base onto which the visible top rail was installed after very careful fitting. The result is a very solid, precise fitting system with no visible fasteners. Three sections of the rail were custom curved and fit perfectly after being templated by the INTEX rep whose help throughout the project was valuable.”
-Walter E. Henry, P.E.

Options Available

Railing Options

  • gal_dart3hero
  • DART_Rail_014.hero
  • gal_dartmout6hero
  • DSCN0464railinghero
  • photo-1
  • photo-11-e1436360474178
  • rs30-glassbal-web1
  • photo-2
  • photo-3
  • photo-4
  • photo-5
  • dartmouth2
  • OC2
  • image-4
  • image-22
  • OC6
  • IMG_2887
  • Dartmouth-Cape-Cod-1
  • dartmouth-400-6
  • Ocean-Grove-7
  • Radius-Chippendale-Inserts
  • photo-31
  • photo-32
  • Mita-Rail-2
  • DSCN0606
  • DSCN0600
  • DSCN0407
  • DSCN05001
  • DSCN0529
  • gal_dart_7a
  • gal_dart5
  • gal_dart4
  • gal_dart2
  • 3-line Dartmouth
  • artmouth RS35350 and Liberty series with deco panels
  • Dartmouth 1
  • Dartmouth Flat Top w: radius section & turned Columns
  • Dartmouth Rail – Radius application
  • Dartmouth rail 1
  • Dartmouth rail 3
  • Dartmouth rail 4
  • Dartmouth rail 5
  • Dartmouth rail Pergola &
  • Dartmouth Rail w: horizontal infill and column wraps
  • Dartmouth rail
  • Dartmouth RS35 Rail System
  • Dartmouth
  • Hotel LBI- Liberty and Dartmouth Railings, Craftsman Column Wraps, EZ Wraps, Pergolas, Dec Panels copy
  • Recessed panel columns and newels with Dartmouth Peaked railing
  • RS30 Dartmouth project 1
  • RS30 Dartmouth project
  • RS35 Dartmouth Extruded Rail System
  • RS35 Dartmouth flat top railing w: deco panels

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