Cherrydale Baptist Church

When the Building Committee at Cherrydale Church in Arlington, Virginia, began their capital campaign to renovate and expand their historic church, they never imagined that their prayers would be answered 200 miles away in Williamstown, New Jersey. A special challenge was the church’s cornice detailing, which stood 50 feet in the air and spanned the entire roof line. The once-beautiful, wood ornamentation was originally constructed out of 16 pieces of uniquely milled wood mouldings and built up with furring strips to hold the detail away from the exterior brick façade. Now badly rotted and unable to hold the flaking paint, the cornice was deemed a hazard. It needed to be replaced in some of the existing areas and matched exactly in the newly constructed sections of the church.
With the collective expertise of a team from general contractor Jack Bays, Inc., and framing and finish carpenter King Carpentry, the decision was made not to rebuild with wood. Instead, INTEX Millwork Solutions was chosen to rebuild the cornice using AZEK Trim Boards, a preferred Cellular PVC brand. INTEX had the capability to rebuild the better-than-new mouldings, off-site in the INTEX shop. “This was truly a ‘blue collar’ solution married with the latest high-tech product,” stated Jon McLaughlin of King Carpentry. “This was the first time that we incorporated Cellular PVC trim in such a dramatic way. Based on this positive experience, we plan to specify projects in a whole new way going forward.”
“This was the first time that we incorporated Cellular PVC trim in such a dramatic way. Based on this positive experience, we plan to specify projects in a whole new way going forward.”
Jon McLaughlin of King Carpentry
With a recommendation from Rick Mason of Pro-Build, a building material dealer in Leesburg, Virginia, and in cooperation with Matt Skerry, millwork director for INTEX distributor Parksite, a 48-inch section of the existing wood cornice detail was delivered to INTEX. INTEX then began the process of designing an exact match to the existing built-up cornice detail. INTEX crafted the entire 600-foot cornice utilizing AZEK material, in sections light enough to handle, and small enough to allow for precision cutting and fit in the field. Within two weeks of King Carpentry’s approval of the CAD submittal drawings, INTEX cut tooling for the knives to create the custom mouldings, produced and assembled the built-up sections, and shipped them to the church, packaged in foam wrapping and shrink film to protect against damage.
According to Pro-Build’s Rick Mason, the assistance he received during the design and quoting process was as impressive as the finished product. “I knew this was something I couldn’t handle on my own, and when I called to get a Tech Rep involved, Parksite and INTEX each had a Tech Rep on the job in three days. Without our customers we would not be in business, and INTEX helped make my company and my customer look good. In my 29 years in sales, I can tell you that this is not always the way it goes.”
Parksite Millwork Director Matt Skerry added, “This was a very complicated project. At every turn, each commitment made by INTEX was met or exceeded. No mistakes were made. Our relationship with INTEX is relatively new. Their professionalism and overall performance on this job, as well as on smaller projects, is refreshing. That kind of attitude is necessary when it comes to millwork. It’s how business should be done.”
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