Whitman Hall, Harvard

Not all jobs are created equal. Some or more difficult than others, not only on the manufacturing side, but also time, space, and location can cause difficult issues. As was the case at Harvard Universities, Whitman Hall.
The Facilities Management department at Harvard university was faced with yet another big decision to make. This time it was Whitman Hall. A five story dormitory, with a failing roof and rotting wooden railing around the perimeter of the building, almost at a dangerous state with the risk of falling pieces. At over 50 feet above the ground, in a very tight and confined area, the work could not be constructed on the roof. It was obvious the railing, a very symbolic look at Harvard, had to be replaced. But once again there was no room for on site construction, it had to be be built off site and brought back for a quick and clean installation averting the mass of students coming and going.
Harvard turned once again to W.S. Aiken Inc. of Chelsea Massachusetts, a roofer who was involved with other projects on the Harvard campus. Aiken, in turn, working with Alewife construction on the railing, panels and newel posts. The scope of this project required a majority of the work had to be done off site to ensure a quick install. Knowing that the work being done on the roof had to last for years to come, the construction companies turned to INTEX Millwork, the manufacturers of premium PVC Millwork. According to Phil West INTEXS’ Technical Representative, “All the work from start to finish had to be orchestrated perfectly to ensure a proper fit on the job site” “The contractor and I had to work very closely, we had to know where everything had to go ahead of time. There was no time for error during the install.” Phil added. Stated by Phil West, “precise measurements had to be made on the roof and handed to INTEX for an exact match.”
Al Slauenwhite from WS Aiken Construction said, “I think INTEX did a great job, they were a good fit for us. Phil West was also a big help in ensuring all went well. He was there every step of the way for anything that came up.”
In the end it all went quite smoothly. From the Auto Cad drawings and all the approvals, right down to the manufacture and install of the rails, panels and newels.
Harvard has a new PVC roof which is maintenance free and will last for years to come.
Majority of fabrication was done at INTEX, hundreds of miles away in a controlled environment, delivered clean for quick and easy install.
The ability of the INTEX design team to provide intricate detailed drawings to all for approval was key in the way it all came together.
Lumber Dealer: Hingham Lumber – Tom McNulty
165 Chief Justice Cushing Highway
Cohasset, MA — 781-749-4200
Distributor: Brosco — Alex Barmashi
125 Chestnut Street
Hatfield MA — 800-222-7981
Contractor: W.S. Aiken Construction – Al Slauenwhite
224 Crescent Ave
Chelsea MA — 617-889-0665
Finely Crafted PVC: INTEX Millwork Solutions
20 Bogden Blvd
Millville NJ — 856-293-4100
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