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Custom column designs available to your exact specifications


Custom Dentil Blocks


Radius Rail bent to your site requirements


Custom Gable Brackets


Arched window and door casings


Custom mouldings

Custom Millwork

INTEX Millwork Solutions specializes in the design and fabrication of custom PVC trim and millwork. Architects and builders rely on INTEX’s strengths in both traditional workmanship and engineering technology to craft intricately detailed, high-quality millwork for distinctive homes and buildings.

INTEX enables limitless interior and exterior custom millwork design options. From intricate details to innovative finishing touches, INTEX PVC custom millwork is created using advanced CAD design technologies, state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and hand-crafted techniques once reserved only for wood.

Our custom millwork is produced to precise design specifications, fabricated to order, packaged securely so that product arrives damage free – ready for installation.

Please contact us and let our designers assist with your project requirements.

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