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Standard or custom designs available. View all available designs »


Column kits include internal pack-outs, glue for assembly, Velcro straps for clamping, standard cap & base. Shaft-wall thickness available in 3/8” & 5/8”


Hundreds of standard newel and cap designs are available, or design your own. See them all »


Newel designs are available for stair and level run applications


Optional INTEX structural post mounts are available.


Custom capitols can be made to fit your application.

Newels & Column Wraps

Wrapped in stylish designs, newels and columns can do double duty as both vital structural components and dramatic visual elements. Homes adorned with columns and newels convey a feeling of timeless strength and beauty.

  • Choose from standard offerings or create custom shapes and sizes including flat, raised, recessed, fluted, tapered, applied moulding and Craftsman panel styles.
  • Create custom newels and column wraps to meet your design requirements or for historic restoration.
  • INTEX Newels and Column Wraps can be applied around existing structural members or used in stand-alone, non-structural applications, delivering everything needed for a quick, easy and secure installation.
  • Split pedestal base options available for newels and column wraps: plain, 4-side, inline, corner and 3-side.
    Column wraps are available in standard 6, 8, 10 and 12-inch widths and 8, 9, 10 and 12-foot heights complete with mounting brackets, caps, base trim, PVC adhesive and everything needed to finish installation.
  • Make 4” x 4” posts look like 10” x 10” columns, or use column wraps to accent or match other trim components.
  • INTEX Newel and Column Wraps are compatible with INTEX Rail Systems.
  • INTEX Newels and Column Wraps can be painted, allowing for limitless design possibilities.

Mid Newel Post Mount

INTEX Post Mounts are post surface mounts designed for installing a post to concrete, wood or composite decking. INTEX Post Mounts are wood

read more.

Newel Post Wraps

Several newel posts wraps are also available in corner “C”, inline “L” and three-side “E” panel configurations. INTEX Newels are

read more.

Lighted Newel Caps

Solid 100% Cellular PVC Newel Cap with Recessed Energy Effcient LED Solid 100% Cellular PVC Newel Cap – Flat and Pyramid available Down… read more.

Nantucket Newel Caps

INTEX’s Nantucket Newel Caps are the perfect finishing touch to your signature style.

INTEX’s Nantucket Newel Cap product series provides

read more.

Newel Caps

Choose from INTEX’s standard selection of newel cap styles or design your own.

Newel Cap Styles

Customer Reviews … read more.

Column Wraps

Column Wraps with decorative side panels are also available in corner “C”, inline “L” and three-side “E” panel configurations. Custom… read more.

Easy Wrap Post Wraps

INTEX’s Easy Wrap Post Wrap is economical and easy to install. Save money in product and labor cost by using this economical post wrap system.

Flat… read more.

Tapered Column Wraps and Pedestal Bases

Column and Pedestal with decorative side panels are also available with decorative side panels are also available in corner “C”, inline “L”… read more.

Turned Columns & Newels

Renovate your historic home without the upkeep of wood. Turned Columns and Newels are manufactured out of solid cellular PVC. Turned Newels are… read more.

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