Liberty Rail

Extruded & Routed Railing System

Unique Routed Rail System with Graspable Option

  • Matte Finish – 100% Extruded Cellular PVC with Aluminum Reinforced Core
  • Pre–routed for Easy Assembly and innovative Racking Stair Section that accomodates 18 to 40 degree Rake Angle.
  • Glass blade insert option (for level rail only)
  • 3–1/2″ Width and 2–3/4″ Graspable IRC Code R311.7.8.3 Compliant
  • Hidden Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Standard 1-1/4″ Square Edge Hollow Baluster reduces material costs
  • Square Edge Posts
  • 5” Standard Newel Cover; 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12” Optional
  • Injection Molded Cap and Trim Rings Available, Solid PVC Cap Optional
  • Spans up to 10′ IBC Level Application
  • Spans up to 10′ IRC Stair Application
  • Does Not Require Painted (LRV>55)
  • Click to Download the Liberty Rail Profile Drawings

True Hidden Fastener System

The Liberty Extruded Rail System by INTEX Millwork Solutions has a fastener system that is truly hidden. The hardware is completely concealed inside the rail. The fastener system used for Liberty will not rust and stain rail, columns or newel posts as seen in competitive rail products.

Injection Molded Cap 
& Trim Ring

  • More Competitively Priced than INTEX Pre-finished Solid Cellular PVC Caps
  • Color Matched to Hampton Rail
  • Special Mold Technology that Creates a Matte Finish to Match the Sheen of Hampton Rail
  • Larger & Heavier Wall Thickness as Compared to Competitive Injection Molded Caps

RS603501-1/4″ Straight Square Hollow Balusters (level only)

Liberty Style Balusters
RS60350 1-1/4″ Straight Square Balusters
RS60275 1-1/4″ Straight Square Balusters
RS60275 1-1/4″ Straight Square Hollow Balusters (level only)

Liberty Stair Rail
Liberty Railing with Glass Inserts
Liberty Routed Rail Level Installation
  • Lib-web-1
  • Lib-web-2
  • Lib-web-3
  • 3 level Liberty and deco
  • Beach front w: Liberty Rail 2
  • Beach front w: Liberty Rail 3
  • Beach front w: Liberty Rail
  • Hotel LBI- Liberty and Dartmouth Railings, Craftsman Column Wraps, EZ Wraps, Pergolas, Dec Panels
  • Liberty Glass Blades
  • Liberty Rail 2
  • Liberty Rail 3
  • Liberty Rail 4
  • Liberty Rail 5
  • Liberty Rail 6
  • Liberty Rail system jpg
  • Liberty Rail System
  • Liberty rail w: custom decorative inserts
  • Liberty Rail w: glass blades-Bermuda 1
  • Liberty Rail w: great view 1
  • Liberty Rail w: great view
  • Liberty Rail with routed rail system
  • Liberty Rail- customized Marnie
  • Liberty rail- patriotic home
  • Liberty Routed Rail & Pergola System
  • Liberty Routed Rail 1
  • Liberty Routed Rail 2jpg
  • Liberty Routed Rail 3
  • Liberty Routed Rail System- after
  • Liberty Routed Rail
  • Liberty Routed Stair Rail
  • Liberty Stair run with Deco Panels
  • Liberty w: deco
  • Liberty w: glass balusters
  • Liberty with Glass Blades 1
  • Liberty- Cellular PVC products
  • Wrapped in Liberty Rail

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